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July 15, 2015 Beer Connoisseurs in Berlin Sample American Craft Beer



About 300 guests enjoyed an evening of American craft beer, hosted by Ambassador John B. Emerson and Mrs. Kimberly M. Emerson at their residence in Dahlem. Ambassador Emerson was thrilled to meet his culinary counterpart, the American Craft Beer Ambassador in Europe, Sylvia Kopp. The event offered a great opportunity to taste the variety of beers and beer styles produced in the United States. To round off the American experience, tacos and U.S. beef hamburgers were on the menu, along with French-fried U.S. sweet potatoes, U.S. cranberry ketchup and maple-flavored U.S. walnuts.

The extensive selection of craft beer proves that American craft beer is very different from average German beer. Due to its high quality hops and innovative styles, American craft beer has become a very popular item in Germany. U.S. beer sales to Germany have grown to nearly 774,000 Euro or 1.018 million USD  in 2014 and continue to expand.

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June 9, 2015 - U.S. Ambassador to Germany John Emmerson invited to Alaska seafood presentation

Wild, natural and sustainable – from Sitka to Berlin

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Ambassador John B. Emerson hosted a fish and seafood tasting called, “From Sitka to Berlin – Taste Alaska’s Wild Side’” at the U.S. Embassy in Berlin on June 9.  Fish experts and seafood lovers discussed with a German-American fisherwoman the sustainability of fishing in Alaska. The event was organized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI).

Ambassador John B. Emerson invited leading German distributors, restaurateurs, and press to a “wild, natural, sustainable” Alaska seafood presentation in the U.S. Embassy.  Ambassador Emerson highlighted the importance of the German market for the U.S. fish and seafood industry, which is the biggest in Europe. More than half of all seafood harvested from American waters originates in Alaska. Mr. Emerson pointed out that the USA has been managing its fisheries for sustainability long before sustainability became the issue it is today. The state of Alaska has served as a role model of sustainable fisheries management around the globe.

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Julia Schlutius, from Seanna Seafoods represented the Alaskan fishing industry. Ms. Schlutius emphasized the importance of sustainable fisheries management for Alaska. One reason that the fishing industry has become a progressive leader in this area is that Alaska has a constitutional mandate stipulating all fish “be utilized, developed and maintained on the sustained yield principle.”  In Alaska, protecting the future of both fish stocks and the environment takes priority over maximizing the commercial harvest. 

The presentation was followed by a live cooking demonstration and tasting of Alaskan seafood. The chefs served Wild Coho Salmon Tartar, Wild Salmon Filet with Wasabi Seed, Wild Salmon Crème with Keta Salmon Caviar, Wild Smoked Salmon with Wild Herbs, Caipirinha Marinated Wild Salmon, and Grilled Salmon with Asparagus Risotto.

February 11-14.2.2015  Mr. Christian Schmidt, German Minister of Agriculture and Mr.W. Moeller, Consul General U.S. Embassy Munich visited USA Pavilion at Biofach 2015


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The Biofach and Vivaness 2015 Trade Exhibition took place from February 11-14, 2015 in Nuremberg, Germany.  Biofach 2015 is the largest organic trade shows in the world.  This year’s key indicators were: 2,348 exhibitors from 76 countries; the show was visited by 44,000 customers from 136 countries. 

The highlight for the USA Pavilion was the visit by Christian Schmidt, Agricultural Minister from Germany who was greeted by William E. Moeller, Consul General from the U.S. Embassy in Munich.   The U.S. has worldwide the highest retail sales of organic products, a fact which is recognized at this important international organic trade show.

The U.S. Pavilion was host to 25 exhibitors, which featured about 190 organic U.S. products.  The U.S. exhibitors reported 381 serious business inquiries. They successfully tested the market for BBQ sauces, soups, ground organic shells and seeds, wheat grasses, Macro Bars, fruits and vegetables, Chips, pecan halves, soy butter, cosmetics and personal lubricants, grains, sprits, gingermints and peppermints, rice, fruit and prune juices, dates, flax and crackers.

The demand for organic products is increasing worldwide and Biofach is an excellent platform for U.S. organic exporters to tap into global markets

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February 4-6,2015 USA Pavilion exhibitors report growing demand for U.S. fruit and vegetables during Fruit Logistica 2015

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Ambassador John B. Emerson visited the USA Pavilion at the 23nd annual FRUIT LOGISTICA trade show in Berlin. FRUIT LOGISTICA is the world’s largest trade show for fruits and vegetables. Over the course of three days, the show attracts over 64,000 trade visitors from 141 countries. Nearly 30 companies from the United States exhibit their products and services at the USA Pavilion, ranging from apples, pears, cherries, dates, blueberries, mangos, olives citrus, pistachios, pomegranates, sweet potatoes, and dried fruits to services and products related to fruit trade.

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Germany is now the top importer of Walnuts from the USA