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August 27, 2014 Lively T-TIP discussion with U.S. Ambassador to Austria, Alexa Wesner during farm visit in Reith in Alpbach, Tyrol.


Visit at a Alpine dairy farm in Reith Tyrol - From right to left: Ing. Josef Hechenberger and his wife Katharina, farmer and Praesident of the Chamber of Agriculture, Tyrol, Ambassador Wesner, Dipl. Ing. Richard Norz, Director Chamber of Agricultrue Tyrol , Andrea Fennesz-Berka, Agricultural Affairs Office, Vienna.


Visit at the Heumilchsennerei, Reith Tyrol - From left to right: Konrad Vorhofer, Chairman, Hubert Rendl, Cheese Maker, Thaler Johann,  Major of Reith in Tyrol, Ambassador Wesner, Ing. Josef Hechenberger, Farmer, Dipl. Ing. Richard Norz, Director Chamber of Agriculture Tyrol, Andrea Fennesz-Berka, Agricultural Affairs Office, Vienna.

Thursday, August 27, 2014 - U.S. Ambassador to Austria Alexa Wesner and Andrea Fennesz-Berka, from the Office of Agricultural Affairs in Vienna visited a dairy farm and the Alpbachtaler Heumilchsennerei  in Reith in Alpbachtal, Tyrol.  The invitation to visit the dairy farm and a Sennerei came from  Dipl. Ing Richard Nortz, Director  of the Tyrolean Agricultural Chamber and Ing Josef Hechenberger, President of the Tyrolean Agricultural Chamber and owner of the ”Oberhaslachhof” an alpine dairy farm.

Ambassador Wesner followed with great interest the explanations by Ing. Hechenberger how a typical Tyrolese alpine farm works.  Over homemade cake served by the hosts a lively and very frank discussion on T-TIP and it’s possible consequences for Tyrolese farmers followed.  Ambassador Wesner listened  very carefully to the concerns raised by the farmer and Dipl. Ing. Nortz. Geographical indications is among other topics an issue of great concern for the hosts. Both parties agreed that there is a need for more transparency in reference to T-TIP negotiations to avoid misunderstandings or misinterpretations.

Following the farm visit the group proceeded to the Alpbachtaler Heumilchsennerei in Reith, where they met Dir. Konrad Vorhofer and Hubert Rendl, the Cheese Maker.  The Alpbachtaler Heumilchsennerei is a Cooperative which has 61 members and processes 2.5 million kg milk per year delivered from dairy farmers from Reith in the Alpbachtal.  Ambassador Wesner toured the cheese making facility which produces 14 different types of cheese and butter of highest quality. This is due to the high quality of raw milk used in combination with careful and traditional cheese making.


May 6, 2914  U.S. Ambassador to Germany John Emmerson invited to a barbecue "How the U.S. Ambassador serves beef"

Albers Ambassador Farmer
Meatdish usbotschaft berlin beef
Ranch to Fork Barbecue in Embassy Courtyard

Ambassador John B. Emerson hosted a barbecue on the topic of “How the U.S. Ambassador serves his beef” at the U.S. Embassy in Berlin on June 5. Leading German beef distributors, restaurateurs, and press sampled some of the best beef produced in the United States, learned more about its production, and discussed opportunities for the U.S. beef industry to increase market share in Europe against the background of negotiations over the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).  The event was organized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the U.S. Meat Export Federation, and Albersfood, an importer of U.S. beef to Germany.

Ambassador Emerson highlighted the importance to the U.S. beef industry of the German market, which is currently the biggest in Europe and valued at over $70 million.  The event featured Terry Vinton, a 5th-generation rancher from the U.S. State of Nebraska, whose family ranch is over 20,000 hectares and supports 2,300 head of cattle under USDA’s Non-Hormone Treated Cattle Program; Monty Brown, represented the U.S. Meat Export Federation, explained the different stages of beef production; Greg Ibach, Director of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, highlighted the importance of beef production for the state of Nebraska and spoke about U.S. agriculture’s broader contributions to global food security.

Frank Albers, managing director of the family-owned company Albersfood, spoke about the history of the company and its role as a leading importer of U.S. beef.  The grand final of this “Ranch to Fork” barbecue was  a cooking demonstration and tasting of flank, tenderloin and rib eye steaks under the expert supervision of Ned Karamujic, the chef of the Grill Royal, a leading steak restaurant in Berlin.
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